Great Kiwi Morning Tea - Save Kiwi Month

At the beginning of the twentieth century it is believed there were several million kiwi.  Now numbers are dwindling with some kiwi species numbering only a few hundred.  

As part of Save Kiwi Month we created a new fundraising initiative – the Great Kiwi Morning Tea.  This provided a platform to target potential fundraisers - schools, workplaces and communities to get together over a traditional Kiwi morning tea to raise much needed funds. 

Client: Kiwis for kiwi

Rayonier Matariki Forests & Omataroa Kiwi Project Partnership

Rayonier Matariki Forests, the third largest forestry company in NZ, had been working with Iwi-led kiwi conservation group,  Omataroa Kiwi Project (OKP), for some years to assist with predator control in Omataroa Forest.  A closer relationship and increased support of OKP’s work was celebrated with a very special event at Ruaihona Marae, Te Teko  We organized a highly memorable event for over 120 local and international guests with one of the highlights being the launch of a conservation education initiative we developed with OKP for neighbouring school, Te kura o Te Teko – The Texas Rangers. 

This inspirational programme for senior students provides them with the opportunity to learn about kiwi conservation and the wider biodiversity of Omataroa Forest. It also aims to enable the tamariki to connect with their whenua through a Matauranga Maori approach.

Client: Rayonier Matariki Forests

National Gardening Week

We created National Gardening Week three years ago with the aim to foster a love of gardening in people of all ages.  The underlying philosophy is that gardening is not just about growing plants but also friendships, good health, strong communities and closer connections with nature.  The week provides a platform to target our numerous audiences and media with exciting new angles and events each year.

This year we have been working with the Naturist Federation to move Nude Gardening Day from the international date in May to a slightly warmer National Gardening Week.  Watch this space!

Client: Yates NZ

NZ Wood

Forestry is one of New Zealand’s truly sustainable industries that provides many benefits to rural communities, the environment and the greater economy.   However it is also one of the country's more challenging industries in terms of negative perceptions.  

NZ Wood is the representation of the NZ forestry industry as a whole, from the growing of new seedlings to the finished products we use in everyday life.  

Our task was to profile forestry in a positive light and educate people about the huge value the industry brings to New Zealand and its people. 

A print and billboard campaign was launched to communicate just some of the reasons we should love our forests.

Client: NZ Forest Owners Association